Print is Dying!

I hear this remark almost on a daily a basis, often uttered by those who haven’t the faintest clue what they’re on about. Let’s get this straight. Printing is not dying, it is not dead and it is certainly not going to die any time soon!


Printing has no doubt changed a lot of the past few decades, you may have seen a slight decline in business, or you may have seen a boom in business. It doesn’t mean printing is dead! If your own printing business is suffering it is probably because you have failed to adjust to the new climate.

Vistaprint has taken a large chunk out of the market, but does that mean we should give up? No. Can most of us compete with the likes of Vistaprint? No. Do we (local print shops) have advantages that these large print companies couldn’t dream of? Definitely. Namely we can offer a personal service, face to face interaction, quality, originality and the ability to create bespoke products with character.

It is our job to market ourselves more effectively to make sure that the lcoal community is aware of us and our advantages. We need to build relationships and trust with clients in a way that larger companies never can. There is still plenty of work out there for everyone but you have to go out and look for it rather than wait for it to come to you!

So in summary, stop crying and do something positive to attract more customers. Print is not dying, it is merely evolving. Adapt to the new environment or risk extinction.