Printing is my Life

I have a long love affair with printing. It has consumed the last fifteen years of my life. From screen printing and block printing to digital and electrostatic, I’m always experimenting with new methods and still learning every day.

I started a t-shirt printing business when I was 14, perfected the technique and managed to get quite a lot of work from my local area. After a few years and many print jobs I had enough to invest in different equipment as I wanted to expand from just screen printing.

After a little persuading I managed to set up shop in my Dad’s garage and invested in my first lithographic printers. Things went well, before too long I secured a new digital offset printer and expanded my business further.

Fast forward 13 years and I’m still printing. Not in my fathers garage, but in a new premises. It’s no longer just me, I have a small team of highly skilled workers and some of the best equipment money can buy. Our arsenal includes presses from renowned companies such as Xerox, Canon and Ricoch. 

We are able to offer a huge variety of printing services with many different styles of paper, finishes and sizes. We can produce everything from business cards right up to 0A posters and everything in between. We can also produce high quality magazines, leaflets and more!

Anyway, now you know a little bit about me and about my history. This blog will be a place for me to share my wealth of knowledge about the industry so be sure to check back soon!