Tyson Printer In The Press

In the press! Get it? I’m sorry. No more printing puns, I promise. Tyson printer was recently featured on a popular review site. It’s great to see members of the public going out of their way to leave positive reviews like this. People are generally a lot quicker to make noise about a company if they feel they have been treated unfairly.

ImageWe’ve been in the printing industry for a long time now, and we’ve just about seen it all, although every now and again we will come across a problem that we haven’t encountered before, which is nice too! Just the other day we had a client ask a question that none of us had even considered before. It just goes to show that no matter how much experience you think you have, you can never know it all and should always be open to learning new things.

If you’re an existing print customer of ours and have been impressed with our work, then please consider taking a moment to leave a review on the above site or one like it. We really appreciate appraisal like this as it helps to gain exposure for our business and means we can continue to give you the very best prices and quality that our customers have come to expect.

It’s not the first time that Tyson Printer has received publicity. We’ve been featured in the local newspaper on several occasions throughout the years, thankfully always for the right reasons! We’ve also been picked up by a few printing and design blogs around the internet, which is great.

A few people in our close-knit team enjoy writing, myself included. For this reason I encourage them to write printing related articles which we can then distribute online, further increasing our online presence and exposing new networking opportunities.

One such article was written recently on the difference between CMYK and RGB which received a good amount of attention on several online outlets. Most printers would never consider something like this, but we understand that we need to think outside the box and sometimes depart from the traditional way of doing things in order to be the very best we can and move forward within our industry. We know all too well that those that fail to adapt are quickly left behind in this fast changing online world.

Printing is of course one industry that can’t really be digitized. The whole point is to make a physical copy of whatever you are printing. The digital revolution has massively changed printing of course, but the end result has remained largely unchanged for the past fifty years. Printing technologies have come and gone. We have seen the rise and fall of different presses, different printing techniques but the allure and physical nature of printing remains.

Tyson Printer embraces new technology, this has always been part of philosophy. Getting sentimental over the days of old is not productive. If all of us had this mindset we’d still be writing on slates and farming with horse and plow! With that in mind, here’s a toast to the future, to the unknown and to moving forward in life and in work.


Print is Dying!

I hear this remark almost on a daily a basis, often uttered by those who haven’t the faintest clue what they’re on about. Let’s get this straight. Printing is not dying, it is not dead and it is certainly not going to die any time soon!


Printing has no doubt changed a lot of the past few decades, you may have seen a slight decline in business, or you may have seen a boom in business. It doesn’t mean printing is dead! If your own printing business is suffering it is probably because you have failed to adjust to the new climate.

Vistaprint has taken a large chunk out of the market, but does that mean we should give up? No. Can most of us compete with the likes of Vistaprint? No. Do we (local print shops) have advantages that these large print companies couldn’t dream of? Definitely. Namely we can offer a personal service, face to face interaction, quality, originality and the ability to create bespoke products with character.

It is our job to market ourselves more effectively to make sure that the lcoal community is aware of us and our advantages. We need to build relationships and trust with clients in a way that larger companies never can. There is still plenty of work out there for everyone but you have to go out and look for it rather than wait for it to come to you!

So in summary, stop crying and do something positive to attract more customers. Print is not dying, it is merely evolving. Adapt to the new environment or risk extinction.

More Than Screen Printing

When printing for a client I adhere to a strict protocol to ensure that I have a good estimate of how long it will take to complete the job, and in order to know where I am at all times.

Doing this part time affords me the luxury of being able to pick and choose client. If a job looks a bit boring then I will often turn it down. These means I only work on projects that genuinely excite me or that don’t involve too much repetitive work. This might sound like a ridiculous business practice but it works for me. It means I still enjoy printing and I am proud of everything I produce.Image

My favourite thing to print is t shirts and other clothing. It can be a pain but I love to work with independent brands and help them create a product that will stimulate the local economy and realise their artistic dreams.

I don’t just do screen printing though, although it does make up a large part of my work. I love all kinds of printing and enjoy experimenting with new techniques and new inks. In my formative years I exclusively used block printing, which was a lot of fun but quite limiting and very time consuming.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several large brands in the UK and abroad. Helping them to produce all kinds of clothing for a variety of purposes. From so-called casual streetwear to heavy duty workwear. 

Tyson is The Man

A little while ago I wanted some flyers made up for a client. I didn’t have the means to do them myself. I asked an old friend of mine to help out. He said he could source the bronze foil required and meet the stringent deadline. Perfect!

Now for some background. I’ve known Tyson since the age of seventeen. Tyson was always somewhat of a lose cannon, but hey , so was I back then! We used to get into all kinds of trouble, I won’t go into that. Thankfully he matured, as did I, and he is now the owner of his own printing business.

He has grown it from nothing to one of the largest printing companies in the south east. I have a lot of admiration for his achievements and his work is truly second to none. He’s never turned down a job, if it’s beyond his current printing capabilities he will do whatever is necessary to make it work. If you are in the area I really recommend his services, the name is Tyson Printers, check their site for more details.

Since 1980, The Replicate Place features provided superior management and business Manhattan printing, catalogue, as well as duplicating services to help New York’s the majority of stressful organizations. We’ve fulfilled the particular burning, presenting, as well as printing wants associated with attorneys, advertising firms, insurance carriers, along with a web host associated with different management and business The big apple clientèle. World-class museums as well as writers make use of The Replicate Place while their off-site burning ability.

With your fully-staffed 20, 000 sq foot or so ability, The particular Replicate Place makes certain that each of your brand-new York businesses management and business printing task becomes each of our undivided attention.

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Printing is my Life

I have a long love affair with printing. It has consumed the last fifteen years of my life. From screen printing and block printing to digital and electrostatic, I’m always experimenting with new methods and still learning every day.

I started a t-shirt printing business when I was 14, perfected the technique and managed to get quite a lot of work from my local area. After a few years and many print jobs I had enough to invest in different equipment as I wanted to expand from just screen printing.

After a little persuading I managed to set up shop in my Dad’s garage and invested in my first lithographic printers. Things went well, before too long I secured a new digital offset printer and expanded my business further.

Fast forward 13 years and I’m still printing. Not in my fathers garage, but in a new premises. It’s no longer just me, I have a small team of highly skilled workers and some of the best equipment money can buy. Our arsenal includes presses from renowned companies such as Xerox, Canon and Ricoch. 

We are able to offer a huge variety of printing services with many different styles of paper, finishes and sizes. We can produce everything from business cards right up to 0A posters and everything in between. We can also produce high quality magazines, leaflets and more!

Anyway, now you know a little bit about me and about my history. This blog will be a place for me to share my wealth of knowledge about the industry so be sure to check back soon!